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Reception Detectives Find British Bluebells

Last week in their Outdoor and Wildlife Learning time,  known as OWLtime, Reception became bluebell detectives. They had a very exciting time straying off the path and exploring some of the secret parts of our extensive school grounds, whilst hunting for bluebells. Mrs Bloxsom explained that there were two different types of bluebells that grow in British woodlands; the native British bluebell and the non-native Spanish version. The difference, amongst other things, is the colour of the pollen. Reception learnt to carefully lift up the bells and find the pollen hiding inside. If the pollen was white, the bluebell was British and if it was blue or purple the bluebell was Spanish. Reception were pleased to find that most of the bluebells in our school grounds are native British versions and we have added this information to the national survey of bluebells on the Woodlands Trust website.

Bluebell Detectives
Reception Bluebell Detectives 
Identifying types of bluebells
Is is a native or non native bluebell?


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