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Jane Austen Party with Year 10

The stage was set: the marquee was decked out with bunting; the tables decked out with crisp white tablecloths and pretty china; the girls in year 10 were in an array of authentic, and in some cases inventive, Austenesque costumes. We had quite a few chaps this year, in hacking jackets, sporting improbable moustaches, but the girls mainly arrived in elegant and pretty dresses to complete the scene.

Jane Austen

Whilst consuming cakes and sandwiches, served tea and squash by willing skivvies such as Mrs Rumbol, the girls provided suitable entertainment for refined and accomplished young ladies. To begin, we promenaded to the Oval Room, where Lottie delighted us with singing Mozart, accompanied by Dr Tebbs on the piano.

Later, girls performed a dance on stage before we then took part in a parlour game, presenting tableaux of various scenes from Pride and Prejudice, with the other tables guessing which point in the novel was being depicted. 

Girls took a turn about the lawn, ate their own weight in cake, and then returned to the marquee for a fantastic performance of Regency Blind Date, where Georgiana Darcy (shy and sweet), Lydia Bennet (flighty and flirty) and Elizabeth Bennet (rational and reasonable) competed for the attentions of George Wickham. He ran off with Lydia, inevitably.

Our small slice of the life of Regency folk, against such a brilliantly Georgian backdrop of the school building and grounds, was as enjoyable as ever.

Jane Austen event

Sally Hall
Head of English

You can enjoy more photos from the occasion in our gallery.

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