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Engineering Masterclasses for Jessica and Jenny

Jessica and Jenny from Year 9 attended a series of engineering masterclasses and have shared their reflections on their experience below.

Jessica: Over the course of two months Jenny and I attended seven engineering master classes with AWE and the Royal Institute at the Hurst Community College. We had two lectures on different topics each week and then a team challenge in mixed groups where we used what we had learnt that day. Working with boys made a change from always working with girls.

Jenny: We learned about engineering basics, and about a future career in engineering. For the challenges we needed to use our existing knowledge of engineering and design as well as the material taught in the lectures before the challenges, to construct something or solve a problem.

Jessica:  As Jenny and I attended all of the masterclasses on the Saturday mornings we have been invited to attend a day at the Royal Institute in London in July. At this workshop we will be able to talk to other children who have taken part in these workshops from other parts of the country. I can’t wait!

Jenny: Although it was a big time commitment, with 3 hours every Saturday on top of school work and exams, it has helped me to identify what I need to do to prepare for a career in engineering.

Girls in engineering


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