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Sicily Trip Day 3 Report 

Day 3 report from Lauren and Anna in Y10

After breakfast, we set out to visit the Valley of the Temples. The guide took us up a hill and explained that temples were built on high ground so that they can be admired from afar, as well as describing the different rooms in a temple and their purposes. We then walked on and visited the ruins of a temple dedicated to Zeus which was incredibly large and grand. Lastly, we took some selfies next to the fallen Icarus. We then travelled on to Piazza Armerina. Here we learnt about the mosaics and how they were made. We were surprised to learn that all of the tiles in the mosaics were not coloured by hand, but found as coloured rocks. Some of the most memorable pictures were of the Royal Family, the Exercise Room and the Cyclops as well. These particular mosaics were impressive because they used different shades to create a 3D look.

sicily 2018


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