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How to make a mummy!

Year 3 kicked off their cross curricular week by learning all about the gruesome side of Ancient Egypt. They listened to the story of the land of two fields and learned about death and the afterlife. They discovered how not everyone was allowed into the afterlife and there were many conditions to be allowed to sail on Ra's boat to paradise. First, you had to have your name written down. Year 3 had fun creating their own cartouches on real papyrus paper. Secondly, they found out that you had to have a preserved body. Here's where the gruesome bit comes in. They even had a go at mummifying each other (not for real of course), taking out the correct organs and putting them in the right canopic jars! And finally to enter the afterlife you had to have your heart weighed. If you had led a good and honest life your heart would be light and you would be free to pass on to the land of two fields. If your heart was heavy however, Ammut the devourer would imprison you in your tomb for eternity.

A fantastic week was had by all children and staff alike! 

Mrs Helen Moth
Year 3 Form Tutor

Collage of Y3 photos

Y3 Egyptians


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