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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Aims & Objectives

 St Gabriel’s Aims

  1. to provide within the framework of a safe, secure and happy Christian environment, a balanced academic education for pupils which will enable each individual to develop:
    • his/her abilities to the full
    • a wide range of interests and extra-curricular activities
    • a sense of personal values
  2. to make education a challenging and positive experience in which each pupil can feel some measure of success and acquire confidence and self-esteem
  3. to prepare pupils to meet successfully the challenges of the 21st Century and, in particular, for work in a changing society

St Gabriel’s Objectives

To provide:

  • a broad and balanced curriculum which is tailored to the individual pupil and which supports the aims of the School
  • the human, financial and material resources necessary to achieve these aims
  • a diverse range of extra-curricular activities designed to be challenging and inclusive
  • each pupil with individual attention in both teaching and pastoral situations
  • dedicated teaching staff who have the expertise and interests to inspire confidence and motivate pupils with enthusiasm for their subject and for life-long learning
  • an inclusive, open culture for pupils and staff to work as a team in a happy, friendly community
  • and maintain timely, effective, proactive communications and close partnerships with parents.
  • well maintained buildings and grounds with priority for the health and safety of the pupils