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Meet the Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl

Our Head Girl, Elizabeth, and Deputy Head Girl, Fran, share their experience of life at St Gabriel's, their leadership roles and their plans for the future. 

When did you join St Gabriel’s?
Elizabeth: I started in the Nursery, when I was three years old.
Fran: I joined St Gabriel’s a few months into Year 9, since then I have thrived.

What are you studying at A level?
Elizabeth:  I have chosen to study Computer Science, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Music. 
Fran: I study Classical Civilisation, Politics and Psychology at A level. I am also completing my EPQ.

What made you choose those subjects?
Elizabeth: I have been interested in technology for quite some time and this is the area I would like to study further and pursue a career in. The future of the industry looks very exciting with an ever developing variety of career opportunities. I have a great love for Mathematics and my original interest for the subject was sparked by the wonderful the teachers here at St Gabriel’s. They inspired me to learn and develop; and my love for the subject grew immensely! Last, but certainly not least, Music is my passion and Dr Tebbs makes it one of the most fun subjects to learn!
Fran: At GCSE I found that I liked Classics, this is because I like to learn about what happened thousands of years ago and see how different or similar we are now. I did not studied Psychology or Politics but developed a fascination with these subjects and have found a great love for them after choosing them at A level.

Tell us about securing the role of Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl?
Elizabeth:  I have been at St Gabriel’s my whole school life and enjoyed every second. It means the world to me to be able to represent the school as Head Girl and will be the perfect end to my happy time here.
Fran: I applied for this position as I have wanted to get more involved in the school since I started. The process entailed us writing a letter to the Vice-Principal and the Head of Sixth Form, which was then followed with an interview. I was delighted when the Headmaster informed me I secured the role of Deputy Head Girl and I started my duties straight away. 

What duties will you be performing as Head Girl?
Elizabeth: As Head Girl I have to represent the school on public occasions and be a role model to the pupils. Other duties include running the School Council and keeping the Heads of School up to date with issues of importance.  During my first week in the role I have run an assembly with the Deputy Head Girl and spoken at the Year 12 Induction. 
Fran: My duties in the school vary, from having meetings with the Principal and Vice-Principal to speeches at events for the school. With my most important duty being the communicator between the students and the staff.

What are you excited about achieving as Head Girl/Deputy Head Girl?
Elizabeth: I would love to share my passion for technology and make it exciting and accessible to students. For example, creating clubs that the students can relate to such as app creation and game development; and organising motivational speakers to inform students of the wide and ever increasing variety of careers in the technology industry. I would also like to further develop the peer mentoring system. This provides a safe environment for the senior school students to discuss any issues they might be facing.
Fran: Over this year I am very excited to start presenting my ideas, as I enjoy sport this is something I am wanting to enhance at St Gabriel’s. I also like to be interactive with the Senior School. This could be achieved by having the sixth form students help in senior school lessons.

What qualities do you think are important to bring to the role?
Elizabeth: I believe being approachable, trustworthy, enthusiastic and reliable are important qualities as well as the ability to plan ahead, organise, speak to an audience and volunteer for new challenges. 
Fran: I believe that there are many different qualities that are very important for this role. These include being a good listener, hardworking, determined and demonstrate a willingness to try new things.

Do you have any particular hobbies or passions?
Elizabeth: I love music! I play the guitar, piano, viola and bass and attend a wide variety of musical clubs both inside and outside of school. Classical guitar is my favourite instrument and I am currently working towards my Diploma. When I have a spare moment, I enjoy gaming with my friends, I particularly like survival games!
Fran:   I love to play Tennis; I have been practising for around 10 years and  have lessons weekly at my local Tennis club.  I also enjoy playing Netball at school, where I am the Wing Defence for the Sixth Form team.

What would you say to anyone joining St Gabriel’s?
Elizabeth: St Gabriel’s is a warm and welcoming environment where you will get to know everybody at the school and make many friends - I have always looked forward to going to school every day.  Students look after each other and there is a great sense of community.  The teachers are passionate about their subjects and really engage their students, always finding time to get to know them and help them fulfil their potential.
Fran: My advice would be to embrace every opportunity that is given to you, to make it a great experience. I also believe that you should find a balance between your academics and your social life, this is something that I have found to be very important. School is also somewhere to have fun; this should definitely be a part of your life at St Gabriel’s.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Elizabeth: I am applying to study computer science at university and from there I would like a career in technology.
Fran: After leaving St Gabriel's, I hope to go on and study Psychology at University. After that, like many people, I am not quite sure which direction I will be taking. But I do know it will be something I love and one that shows me in the best light.