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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

Government and Politics

Politics affects everything that we do in life. As a dynamic and ever-changing subject, it is a good A level option for students who have a lively and enquiring mind. The course examines the major functions of government and politics in the UK and beyond. Students discover the key elements of our democratic system by studying topics such as political participation, elections, political parties and pressure groups. They also have the option to follow either US politics or political ideologies.

Lessons are interactive and provide ample opportunities to discuss current affairs and to develop debating skills. Politics is an essay-based subject with a distinct language of its own and, as such, there is a strong focus on developing essay technique through examination practice, enabling all students to reach their academic potential.

Students attend lunchtime talks on topics related to politics – recent examples include feminism, terrorism, Scottish independence - (can this change to Brexit) and the 2017 general election. In addition, all students can extend their learning by visiting parliament and the Supreme Court. There are also annual visits to subject-specific conferences in London.

Many who have studied politics at St Gabriel's go on to study it at university. It develops several transferable skills and is a highly regarded academic A level.